What is rewire?

Rewire is a curriculum geared specifically to high school students. It covers the relevant topics that our students need to be discussing, including: Pornography, Sexual Abuse, Trafficking and Social Media. The format includes video teaching from national speaker, Scott Harvey, coupled with the testimonies of 3 women who have walked difficult paths in life regarding these four areas. At the end of the teaching time, students can break into smaller groups and use our age-appropriate questions to get dialogue started.

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Scott wears many hats! He is a husband—happily married to his wife, Greta, since 1997. He is a daddy to two daughters: Grace and Maryn. He has been a police officer since 1998 where he has been teaching the D.A.R.E. program in schools since 2000.

Scott started his own speaking company in 2010 because he felt God calling him to do more to help students. He currently uses vacation time from the police department to speak to over 15,000 people a year all over the country!

All of Scott’s presentations are prevention focused—a passion grown from having dedicated his professional life to this topic, as well as teaching D.A.R.E extensively for many years. Clean up—in any area—can be messy, expensive, and time consuming. When Refuge for Women approached him about working with them on a prevention piece for their ministry, Rewire was born.

Why rewire?

We know that parenting and guiding teenagers in the current age of technology can be difficult. It’s a new day. Technology has been a game changer and put the world at the fingertips of our students...both good and bad. There is so much “out there” that they can be exposed to. We know that parents and adults who work with students can find it difficult to start those important conversations about sexuality, technology and current issues. You know you should be talking about these things, but where do you even begin?

Who is behind rewire?

Refuge for Women is a national non-profit geared toward women who have been sexually exploited and are wishing to escape the sex industry. In over 5 years of serving these women, we began to see some patterns emerge in their backgrounds. The same issues in their early lives came up over and over again. While our passion and mission remains to bring healing to the women in our program, we found ourselves asking, “What if we could reach an entire generation before they walked down the paths that some of our guests have traveled? What if we put some of our resources into root of the problem?” That’s how rewire was born.

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